Juntas Pampa de Luis O. Ciardullo, for the Development, Production and Sale of special gaskets, industrial and automotive; and Marketing of gaskets and components; has defined the following quality policy for its performance:

■ Establish a business conduct oriented to transparency and honesty, stable relationships and community development, and the generation of new ventures.

■ To have wide lines of products in constant increase, with own innovation initiatives and ofthe clients.

■ Commit to improving the product and service with the main goal of raising the quality and efficiency standards, adapting the products to the needs of the replacement market.

■ Comply with deliveries within the stipulated terms with the client, implementing stock systems on the products of continuous rotation based on their history.

■ Commit ourselves to comply with the applicable requirements and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
The Board of Directors of Pampa de Luis O. Ciardullo is committed to providing the necessary resources to comply with this Quality Policy, which is reviewed periodically to ensure its continued adequacy. Likewise, this Quality Policy is communicated with in the organization for its understanding and application, as well as it is available to the relevant interested parties who request it.

"Offer a relationship of trust based on the quality of our products and services”

Luis O. Ciardullo
Emiliano N.Ciardullo